Weight Loss

Obesity is an epidemic and a major cause of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, early onset arthritis of knees and hips, and many other conditions. If you are concerned about your weight, contact us to schedule an appointment for weight loss counseling, which can include:

      • BMI (Basic Metabolic Index) measurement, which takes into account your height and weight to produce a calculation that will help you determine your ideal body weight.
      • Nutritional and exercise counseling. Dr. Khan will tailor a program for you according to your ideal body weight that includes a nutritional guide and exercise plan.
      • Weight loss medication only available with a prescription.
      • HCG via oral drops or injection with Vitamin B12
      • Lipotropic shots, which burns fat in problematic areas

The initial weight loss consultation is $180 including blood tests. A minimum of three mandatory follow-up visits are scheduled monthly to measure patients’ progress and adjust the plan as needed. The cost for these sessions is $85 per consultation.